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Valued Partner

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Growing as a Valued Partner

We build relationships that last. Our highly-valued partnerships are at the core of our sustainability mindset, as together with our customers, we find solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.

Advancing these partnerships requires high quality in both products and services, which we are well known for. Delivering reliably on-time is an important part of our promise to customers.

We recognize that the markets we support can have a significant impact on the environment. This inspires our commitment to developing sustainable and recyclable packaging, achieving energy efficiency through our products and investing in R&D to continue to innovate and transform these markets to limit their impact on our Planet.

KPIs & Key Topics

Customer Satisfaction:

Customer intimacy, performance/cost optimization, continued high-quality and consistency, and OTIF Delivery.

Materials/Resource Management:

Minimize waste and maximize re-use, continue efforts in operational excellence via Lean Manufacturing and Six-Sigma, maintenance excellence.

Sustainable Products:

Recycle ready, Recyclable, PCR content, Renewable content, Compostable, Bio-degradable.