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Proud of our Roots

We are proud of our heritage of over 40 years. Just as we founded our company on strong values, we are continuing our sustainability journey with those same guiding principles.

Integrity, respect for people and human rights is fundamental to who we are and what we believe. We believe that our ethics, governance and supply chain are at the “root” of our sustainability commitment, because holding ourselves to the highest standards has and will continue to be the backbone of our success.

This includes ensuring that all business partners in our supply chain are transparent and adhere to fair labor practices and share our view of responsibility. Furthermore, this includes ensuring transparency, doing what’s right and doing our part as a good citizen of the world.

KPIs & Key Topics

Code of Conduct:

All employees to be compliant with WINPAK's code of conduct.

Responsible Supply Chain:

All suppliers to be compliant with WINPAK's code of conduct, supplier score card, improvement opportunities and active engagement.


Carbon Disclosure Project, website re-design with renewed sustainability page and active industry partnerships (e.g. SPC) to advance packaging sustainability.