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Dairy Packaging

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Packaging Solutions for the Dairy Market

Winpak is a leading supplier in the North American dairy market in both the manufacture of sophisticated packaging materials and individual thermoformed containers. Dairy products place stringent demands on packaging. The packaging protects against light, in-pack ripening and spoilage, as well as providing specific easy open, peelable materials.

Winpak offers a carefully coordinated range of high-grade films to meet challenging dairy packaging requirements. Materials optimized for specific applications with high-quality printing can boost a product's success.

Winpak also provides complete packaging systems combining custom thermoformed containers, heat-sealable membranes, die-cut lids and filling machines used by the dairy industry for single-serve products such as coffee creamers, margarine, margarine blends, sour cream and yogurts.

The integrity of packaging materials and the performance of filling equipment at customer locations is supported by an engineering and technical service group who are dedicated to total and complete quality of the packaging program.

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