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Extended Family

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Keeping Our Extended Family Safe and Engaged

We consider our employees (over 2,400) our extended family and we care about the well-being of each and every individual. We want to encourage a diverse and collaborative working environment where employees can be their authentic selves and bring out the best in each other.

At the foundation of promoting employee well-being is ensuring safe working conditions. We take this responsibility seriously and are continuously improving our practices, policies and occupational safety trainings.

We all have an opportunity to influence a co-worker’s view of us as a family. In employee experience, every interaction inside the organization counts. Being part of our family, at its best, is caring for one another and feeling pride in working together.

KPIs & Key Topics

Health and Safety:

Safety first culture in everything we do, hazard identification and mitigation, engineering solutions to eliminate safety risks.

Employee Retention:

Attract and retain talent, safe/challenging/rewarding work environment, development / career plans.

Employee Engagement:

Employee suggestions, company wide surveys, identify improvement opportunities and actively work on them for a year over year progress, encourage participation by all (e.g. ideation sessions).