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One Planet for Future Generations

The Planet is our greatest asset, and we care about doing our part to ensure we are good stewards of the environment for our generation and generations to come.

We incorporate sustainability choices into our own operations each and everyday through sourcing energy efficient materials and powering our operations with energy sources that will reduce emissions.

Within our operations, we seek to limit the impact we have on the environment, improving our efficiency and reducing our footprint.

Our employees and industry partners are fully engaged in creating innovative approaches to positively impact the environmental aspects of our products, services and manufacturing practices.

KPIs & Key Topics

Energy Management:

Minimize scrap, increase process effectiveness (higher output rates & lower energy inputs), less energy intensive materials.

GHG Emissions:

Minimize scrap, invest in low carbon products and processes / machines, invest in RECs (for US assets).

Zero Landfill:

Minimize waste, increase scrap utilization, find partners to divert landfill materials (mechanical and chemical recycling, waste to fuel and waste to energy).