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Winpak Releases White Paper on Chemical Recycling


Winpak LTD. (“Winpak” or the “Company”) recently commissioned Circular Matters, a U.S.-based consulting firm dedicated to bringing about the Circular Economy, to investigate and speak with subject matter experts to understand the current state of our journey towards a Circular Economy and the role that chemical recycling may play in progressing this initiative.

Plastic packaging today is judged largely based on recyclability. Our industry recognizes with the broad use of plastic packaging a responsibility exists to look at the entire value chain, including end-of-life. There is a need to move beyond our current linear economy where packaging is disposed after use to a Circular Economy where this valuable resource is collected, re-processed and used again as another package. The material structures, technologies, and systems required to fully realize this end state will not occur overnight. However, urgency and industry collaboration are a priority.

Phillip Crowder, Director, Corporate Sustainability states, “I am grateful to Circular Matters and the various contributors in the development of this White Paper. Our industry is at a crossroads, and I hope this paper provides useful insights on the importance this technology can have in our vision to create a Circular Economy for packaging.”

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About Winpak
Winpak LTD. manufactures and distributes high-quality materials and related packaging machines. Winpak’s products are used primarily for the packaging of perishable foods, beverages and in health-care applications. Sustainable practices are part of the Company’s daily work processes and are incorporated into its guidelines and strategic planning. Learn more about Winpak’s sustainability initiatives at:

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Caroline Schroen
Manager, Corporate Communications

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