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Winpak Receives 2020 CDP Score

Winpak is pleased to announce the results of its latest filing with CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) in 2020.  CDP is a global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts.  It provides a scoring system for companies to see how well they are performing in understanding environmental risks and achieving their sustainability objectives.

Winpak achieved a score of B- for its 2020 filing.  This score demonstrates Winpak’s commitment to mitigating emissions throughout its supply chain and its overall commitment to environmental leadership.

“Winpak is pleased to have achieved a score of B- in this latest filing,” states Phillip Crowder, Director, Corporate Sustainability.  “With climate change continuing to be a critical issue, reporting through CDP is important in helping us understand and manage our environmental impacts. Starting with our Board of Directors and extending through to the Executive Committee and employees, Winpak is striving to set meaningful goals and reduce its environmental impact.”

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