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Strengthen Your Image With Branded Single Serve Pouches

A Changed Dining Environment
Your customers are looking for safe, worry-free dining experiences. Whether your food is served on site or delivered, those condiments, dressings, and sauces that accompany your special meals can be a great opportunity for you to strengthen your brand and stimulate more sales.
Single Serve Pouch Machine
Clean, Convenient, Contemporary
Branded pouches offer a safer alternative to community access, tabletop bottles. And they’re easier than having servers pump product into paper cups. Adding a brand message to your consumables will express your confidence in their contents. Your customers will perceive an added level of culinary care being delivered with each meal.

More Than Off-The-Shelf Meals
The dishes your restaurant prepares have a personal, special touch. Otherwise, consumers could find the same thing in the grocer’s freezer case. Likewise, everything your meal includes should be just as unique. A mixed assortment of generic pouches served with your unique food presentation can make condiments seem like an afterthought. Branding your dressing, sauce, or any of the other enhancements to your meals makes the dining experience even more special.

Take Advantage of New Media
It’s the younger generations who are more likely to dine out today. Some restaurants display QR Codes so diners can access their menu online via smart phones. Your menu could be available the same way through a branded sanitizer or select meal enhancing condiment pouch. Maybe you’d like to offer the specials of the day the same way. Branded pouches produced by Winpak machines can make the customer experience more memorable and impressive. They can also be less expensive than creating new daily layouts and printing disposable paper specials. All you do is update a simple web page.

Deliver Future Sales
If you’re already serving food “to go” that includes a special sauce or dressing, that pouch could include a QR Code which offers your customer an online coupon, “secret” menu items, or other creative marketing ideas. One QR Code linked to a specific web page allows you to vary the offer or content each day, week, or month. It could remain a permanent promotion or include different codes on various condiments for multiple uses—it is your choice.

Select Specific Sizes
Single serve can mean whatever size portion YOU choose. Winpak machines can be set to create pouches in a wide variety of net volumes—from 1/10th ounce to 10 ounces or even more! Custom portions add to the uniqueness of your entrees. Larger portions also lower the number of pouches your customer has to open, and empties your staff has to clean up.

Get the Whole Story
Your food supplier should know about the newest breakthroughs in single-serve packaging design options. If not, feel free to contact Mark Griffin at Winpak Lane. He can help you determine the best approach to enhancing your brand. He’ll work with you to find a supplier that can fulfill your needs and achieve your objectives.

About Winpak
Winpak Ltd. manufactures and distributes high-quality packaging materials and related packaging machines. Winpak’s products are used primarily for the packaging of perishable foods, beverages and in health-care applications. Learn more about Winpak machinery at:

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Mark Griffin
Director, Sales

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