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Shrink Lidding

Shrink Lidding
Products Shrink Lidding
Protein Shrink Lidding
Shrink Lidding
Winpak's 1 Mil Shrink Lidding is typically used for non-printed (plain) film applications. It is an eco-friendly film structure using EVOH barrier. Our Shrink Lidding Film go hand-in-hand with our MAPfresh® trays, and are packaged together for applications such as fresh meat, poultry, cheese and pre-made meals. Ever mindful of the customer's needs, Winpak also provides the option of a 2 Mil Shrink Lidding film for printed applications.


  • Exceptional clarity and gloss
  • Good anti-fog performance
  • Good puncture resistance
  • Exceptional sealing performance
  • High performance barrier

Dairy Packaging
Cheese Packaging
  • Sliced Cheese
Protein Packaging
Fresh Meat
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Ground Beef
  • Poultry
  • Seafood

Safety PAK Plus

Child-Resistant - Safety PAK® Plus


Winpak’s blister lidding solution for improved child resistance and consumer-friendly peelability.

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Daisy Chain Lidding

Daisy Chain Lidding


Winpak's Daisy Chain lidding can be printed and has multiple sealant options to meet most commercial applications.

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Die-Cut lids

Die-cut Lidding


Superior peel lidding for HIPS, PP, PET, Foil/Poly and PET/PE/ALU/PE structures.

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MAPfresh® Trays


Winpak's MAPfresh® Trays are our top-selling thermoformed plastic trays for top-lidded sealing applications.

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