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Looking Ahead...An Inclusive and Motivating Future

As the calendar has now flipped to December, thoughts for many of us focus on our families, the holidays, and finishing out the year on a high note. Thanks to Winpak’s continued focus on keeping all employees safe, we have maintained our sites free of wide-spread internal COVID-19 transmission and our strong recommendation to get vaccinated has been largely followed. Yet, we must maintain our focus as the new Omicron variant of the virus threatens to create a resurgence of the number of sick people. As before, we need to maintain all our barrier measures, wear PPE, seek the administration of a booster shot, remain vigilant, and of course, quickly institute all new guidelines that respective health agencies and governments introduce. All consequences of the new variant aren’t understood at this point, and this new variant may also affect the return to the office and, very likely, limit travel.  As the weather forces us to spend more time indoors, which favors the spread of the virus, our vigilance needs be sharpened, as it used to be in the early days of the pandemic. The health and well-being of all our colleagues, clients, and our loved ones is and remains our foremost priority.

Beyond this focus on health and safety, Winpak is proudly launching an initiative around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) to recognize the cultural and intellectual enhancement within our organization; to help create more innovative approaches in how we conduct business and develop new products and services; and to help with recruitment and retention, not just from Gen Z or Millennials, but across the board. Improving upon a better sense of belonging is crucial going forward to help us make the best decisions always. It is a journey, not a short-term program, through which we can frame challenges through a lens of possibilities for all, elevating the power of shared experiences, and creating a greater potential for positive change.

Sharing and building upon a more diverse background will help improve all aspects of our organization especially when considering innovation, whether in business and human resource processes or with new products and manufacturing processes. Broader consultations, wider inclusions, and diverse ideas will help accelerate and enhance the quality of our innovation capabilities. We have a unique opportunity to change the game going forward, accelerating the path of the sustainability transformation, positioning ourselves as a clear market leader, and enabling growth in revenues and earnings for Winpak. 

Growth will not necessarily come from higher consumption versus pre-pandemic levels, rather the need to abide by challenging environmental improvements will remain a key growth driver. Staying ahead of the race to a sustainable product offering to help our clients meet their targets will be the recipe for success, while reducing our own operational environmental impact.

As the holiday season approaches, it is time to reflect on the tremendous accomplishments of Winpak employees. Despite the unexpected and extraordinary supply chain challenges, the rising costs of just about everything we consume, and the lingering pandemic, I am proud of the fact that Winpak employees were able to rise above and beyond the normal call of duty and take key learnings to shape the road ahead of us. 

It is an exciting and challenging road ahead. While our focus on safety is unwavering, together, let’s make 2022 a transformational year. Our focus on safety will remind us of our commitment to each other. Our DE&I initiative will drive motivation and inspire innovation towards sustainable operations, products, and services. And lastly, let me not forget the giving spirit of Winpak employees. Across our organization you have found ways, during these difficult times, to serve, to contribute to others, and to drive positive change in our communities. Thank you.

Have a safe and merry holiday season!

Olivier Muggli
Olivier Muggli
Winpak President & CEO
Winnipeg, MB Canada

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