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Horizontal Flowpak

Horizontal FlowPak
Products Horizontal Flowpak
Winpak's Horizontal Flowpak is an advanced coextrusion structure of up to 12 layers.  It can be used in oxygen barrier and carbon dioxide permeable applications.  Our Horizontal Flowpak is also available with UV barrier as well as translucent pigmented colors.  


  • Exceptional interlayer thickness control
  • Stratified nylon structure core
  • High performance proprietary sealant polymers
  • Industry-leading clarity


  • High resistance to puncture and abrasion
  • Preserves product freshness
  • Films are engineered for excellent performance on a variety of HFFS packaging equipment
  • Available custom printing for up to 12 colors

Dairy Packaging
Cheese Packaging
  • String Cheese
  • Chunk/Block Cheese
  • Sliced Cheese
Protein Packaging
Fresh Meat
  • Ground Beef
Processed Meat
  • Sausage



Horizontal & Vertical Films

Curbside recyclable paper-based flow wrap capable of running at high speeds on existing filling machines.

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Vertical Films

Vertical Films

Horizontal & Vertical Films

Winpak has developed a superior line of proprietary Vertical Flowpak materials for different applications.

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