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DuraShrink® Barrier Shrink Bags

DuraShrink® Barrier Shrink Bags
Products DuraShrink® Barrier Shrink Bags
Protein DuraShrink
Dairy Durashrink
Winpak's DuraShrink® Bags maintain superior shrink performance by balancing a high shrink rate with a low shrink force.  The bags shrink tightly to the product shape, creating a wrinkle-free package with the product's original shape remaining intact.  Our DuraShrink® Bags are also available in an EVOH formulation, which provides high oxygen barrier in an eco-friendly bag.  


  • Improved product integrity due to a higher resistance to impacts and abrasions
  • Balanced shrink performance
  • Durability
  • Up to 10 color printing available for all DuraShrink® Bags.

Product Options

  • RS - Regular boneless bags for meat and cheese
  • RM - Red meat bags for fresh boneless red meat for retail or further processing
  • RSEV - Eco-friendly regular boneless bags for meat and cheese, using EVOH for barrier
  • GC - Gassy cheese bags for cheese that releases gases during aging
  • FP - Nonbarrier bags for fresh poultry applications

Dairy Packaging
Cheese Packaging
  • Chunk/Block Cheese
Protein Packaging
Fresh Meat
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Turkey

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