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Advancing Materials Science and Innovation to Help Make Life Better for All

The world continues to face major challenges such as food waste, access to nutritious food and clean water, depletion in natural resources, high cost of living, and of course, climate change. This last challenge is also a contributing factor to increased environmental disasters in many regions. As we study our own communities, we may or may not immediately notice these challenges, but as we expand into other areas and regions, we cannot ignore the fact that they exist and are quite visible. Some of these challenges such as food waste, access to nourishing food and clean water, and climate change rely on the materials industry to become more efficient and effective in protecting natural resources through better materials management and innovation. It is also incumbent upon our industry to reduce its carbon footprint while providing the needed performance to protect essential products and environmental livelihood.

At Winpak, we believe our purpose is to apply materials science principles to help solve some of the challenges the world is facing. Each day, we ask ourselves a key question; how can we positively impact the challenges facing the world? Our passion drives us towards advancing science, technology, and innovation to find better ways to positively impact the environment and make life better for all. Utilizing our deep-rooted materials science expertise, diverse teams and collaborating with our clients, suppliers, and communities, we strive to advance solutions to not only solve problems but also help make life better for all in many regions.

We have identified several key focus areas or pillars in our sustainability journey to make the best possible advancements in moving to a more sustainable future. Our sustainability journey aligns with the principles of the “Circular Economy” and embraces “Sustainable Materials Management” through product design, waste prevention and resource efficiency. Our sustainability pillars include our Partners, Planet, Roots and People. These pillars are building blocks for Winpak, and we continue to embrace our call to action - “It’s our nature to protect™”.

Protecting the environment is one of our key objectives as we deploy our materials science capabilities to innovate new products and solutions to help make life better for all. For this reason, we recently joined Science Based Targets (SBTi) and are in the process of establishing our SBTi goals. We strategically deploy Winpak’s long standing scientific expertise and technological capabilities, diverse teams, intimate customer and supplier relationships and its global reach to innovate and commercialize packaging solutions and to positively influence environmental contributors such as waste, energy, water, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and landfill.

Our “25hundred Innovators” innovation management platform enables us to gain speed, agility, and precision via sourcing ideas from a very diverse background, both internally and externally. We continue to expand our high-performance low carbon footprint food, beverage, and healthcare primary packaging product solutions, grow recycle-ready or recyclable product platforms such as ReForm™, ReLam™, RePouch™ and MapFresh® and use post-consumer recycled (PCR) content or renewable materials such as paper and bio-based polymers in our products. We have added several new solutions to our recycle-ready products portfolio including fiber-based packaging and enabled our clients to advance their sustainability initiatives. Our low carbon footprint material solutions are making significant inroads in multiple markets such as protein, dairy, food, and healthcare. In addition, our machinery business continues to provide equipment solutions for improved efficiency, reduced waste and energy enabling better resource utilization for our clients.   

At Winpak, we continue to seek opportunities to empower our teams with diversity and inclusion in mind, enable creativity, and promote teamwork. We believe this is critical to advance our sustainability journey and create an agile culture to support our growth initiatives.

Through advancing innovation, materials science, and client partnerships, our teams are excited and ready to provide meaningfully unique products and solutions with increased environmental and economic benefits to “make life better for all”.

Mustafa Bilgen
Mustafa Bilgen
Vice President, Technology & Innovation
Senoia, Georgia

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