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Technical Product Manager

Position Summary:
Reporting to the Director of Engineering, the Product Manager is responsible for all technical aspects, bill of materials, production routes, production capacity and optimization, product development roadmap, product marketing information related to the Product, competitive analysis and product positioning (technical and commercial). The Product Manager works in close cooperation with Market Directors and with the relevant BU Operations/Technical Teams to develop and manage the Product Roadmap to support profitable growth in any of the markets where the Product is or could be commercialized. The roadmap is an all-encompassing plan containing Product innovation, next generation product iteration of improvement, technology advances either in client processes or in converting processes that affect the Product, takes into account the need for further or new capacity. The product Manager has a strong role to play in managing and improving the cost of the Product and as such participates actively in cost-cutting initiatives for Winpak and/or clients through specification optimization, manufacturing efficiency, minimizing waste, order simplification resulting in lower costs, improving service, quality and lead-time. The Product Manager oversees the product development process with the relevant R&D team, follows such development from inception to market commercialization. The Product Manager represents all aspects of the Product externally to clients as well as internally to Business Unit and Market Segments. Accountable for building the product strategy, competitive landscape analysis, leading capital appropriation projects and creating Marketing and product positioning documents for internal and external use.
• Responsible for all technical aspects, Quality and Sustainability of a Product.
• Become the go-to resource for a Product for all other functions including sales, marketing, customer service, operations and R&D.
• In collaboration with Operations, Scheduling, Planning etc., leads asset optimization initiatives where the product is running, including asset utilization, production rate, efficiency and waste. Responsible to maintain/optimize existing Product or product range and develop new and profitable product generations to support sales within any Market, whether at existing or at new clients in close cooperation with the relevant Market Directors, sales team, with BU Operations and with R&D.
• Responsible for Product cost improvements, whether through the bill of materials, the manufacturing process or other cost cutting measures in the logistics of the products or through initiatives at/with clients.
• Responsible for full compliance of the Product with all relevant food and drug regulations applicable in the countries where the product is sold, all Winpak internal regulations and Code of conduct, local market requirements and any other relevant laws.
• Responsible to manage the Product Roadmap, a strategic expression of the upcoming product development needs and market evolution with guidance from market directors, production and capacity evolution by working closely with operations to support the next generation Product and sales growth in any markets.
• Responsible to provide all of Winpak’s required reporting that pertains to Product activity inside and outside of BU direct reporting requirements.
• Responsible for training of any relevant personnel dealing directly or indirectly with the Product, including, delivering or preparing relevant training for clients in any of the Markets.
• Responsible to manage and coordinate the new product development together with R&D from inception to commercialization including product conception, direct testing, prototype activities, product launch and sales performance monitoring
• Support any RFQ, bid packages or similar client initiatives referencing the Product in any of the Markets and contribute with the best effort to maximize Winpak’s chances to win and to profit from the opportunity. The Product Manager does not have pricing responsibility, but plays a key role in controlling the cost of the Product, preparation of specification material and product feature sheets.
• Responsible to interface with all relevant internal parties (Market Directors, Sales Representatives, Operations, QA, Marketing, Business Development, etc.) to represent Product relevant needs, opportunities, client feed-back, complaints etc.
• Responsible for the annual budget process, budget for the Product development or Marketing activities related to the Product and relevant information and reporting. Responsible for the Product Roadmap planning and maintenance and relevant information and reporting.
• Promote teamwork, cooperation, and effective communication within all participating Markets and Winpak. Interact with all levels of the operation in support all of Winpak’s programs.
• Maintain a safe working environment and perform all duties in a safe and professional manner.
Secondary duties:
• Stay abreast of commercial and technical developments in the relevant areas of the packaging industry through established contacts, i.e. sales personnel, customers, suppliers, seminars, conferences, trade publications with particular focus on the Product and competitive Product offerings.
• Recommend, prepare and defend the acquisition of alternate product technologies or production processes, external business models worthy of investigating, competitive activity worth reacting to.
• Recommend, prepare and defend improvements proposals that affect Winpak beyond the Market, whether organizational, procedural or of any kind.
• Promote teamwork, cooperation and effective communication within the market and Company. Interact with all levels of the organization in support of Winpak’s programs.
• Plan, participate in the elaboration of reporting improvements, participates in Technical, Market- and Sales meetings, participation in trade shows and other relevant Market- or Winpak driven representations.
• Perform other duties as assigned.
• Proven aptitude to manage a complex set of variables and a strive in complex matrix environment to build constituency, to motivate a team of Scientist or Technologists.
• Strong technical aptitude to understand packaging materials, processes at clients, food, pharmaceutical or medical device processing. Good base in understanding of converting processes and equipment.
• Strong project and time management skills are required as well as a strong aptitude to work independently and under time constraints. Strong analytical thinking, problem solving skills and aptitude for detail are required.
• Understanding of commercial aspects of materials, manufacturing, sales and marketing with good business acumen.
• Requirement for sound judgment and decision-making skills, organizational skills, high level of integrity and work ethic and the ability to facilitate the resolution of complex issues.
• Ability to self-motivate, motivate others in a matrix environment and ability to deal, present and report to all levels of the organization and outside to clients.
• Good listening and communication abilities, both internal and with external clients or audiences at conferences, as well as good inter-personal skills.
• Mastering Spanish and or French is an advantage and so is the flexibility to relocate.
• Other combinations of education, experience, knowledge and skills would be considered.
• Proficient with Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint Programs
Position Requirements:
Experience and Education:
• Minimum of Bachelor of Science in Polymer, Chemical or Mechanical Engineering, in Material Sciences or comparable technical degree. A complementary education in Food or Pharmaceutical Sciences or strong experience in Business, Business Administration, Finance, Law, etc. would be an asset. Masters or Ph.D. or advanced studies in above or comparable fields would be an asset.
• Preferred a minimum of 10 years’ experience in a leading technical or R&D project or product management, preferably in packaging or adjacent space.

Winpak offers competitive salary and benefit packages as well as excellent opportunities for professional growth and development based upon the global location of the available position.

Qualified individuals are invited to submit a resume and salary expectations by October 31, 2019 to:

1111 Winpak Way Sauk Village, IL 60411, Email:, Fax: 7087557257

Winpak is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, or other characteristics protected by law. Pre-employment drug/alcohol/background screening may be required based on facility location.

Although we appreciate all applicants, only qualified applicants will be considered for interviews.