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Child-Resistant - Safety PAK® Plus

Safety PAK Plus
Products Child-Resistant - Safety PAK® Plus
Safety-Pak Plus lidding is Winpak’s response to the industry’s demand for improved child resistance and consumer-friendly peelability. With Safety-Pak Plus lidding, you can specify one lidding material and fulfill multiple CR opening requirements.

Full-panel peel — ideal for fragile pharmaceuticals or unique drug delivery systems requiring a consumer friendly, easy peel opening feature. The proprietary release adhesive provides a practically flawless easy peel, leaving no lidding fragments on the blister.

Full-panel peel-push — a two-step CR opening feature that provides an easy full-panel peel of the top film layer, providing full exposure of the remaining protective foil for an easier push-thru process.

Lock-tight — this lidding version requires a tool such as scissors for access or with special tooling a tear-open notch can be added. Both opening features achieve the highest CR “F” rating of all Winpak lidding structures.

In addition to the varied CR opening features, the 50 micron polyester exterior allows for enhanced multicolor printing and is compatible with solvent-based and water-based ink systems as well as CSAT, HAPA, Thermal and UVFlexo in-line printing processes. Pharmaceutical marketing and packaging personnel can now design blister lidding graphics with detailed patient instructions or utilize additional colors for improved branding.

Healthcare Packaging
  • Diagnostics
  • Tablets
  • Caplets
  • Gel-caps
  • Powders

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